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SKU Name
CDRM Corentium Radon Monitor
CND $229.95 (USD $160.46)
MP50 Kimo MP50 Micromanometer
CND $359.95 (USD $251.17)
Infiltec-DM1 Infiltec DM1 Micro Manometer
CND $599.95 (USD $418.65)
Hose-B Hose kit Available red, green, yellow or blue
CND $39.95 (USD $27.88)
Dwyer-166-6 Dwyer 6" Pitot tube
CND $149.95 (USD $104.64)
Pen-S220 Smoke-Pen
CND $59.95 (USD $41.83)
Refill-S221 Smoke-Pen refill wicks
CND $49.95 (USD $34.86)
DP-Kit Dragon Puffer Air Flow Kit
CND $119.95 (USD $83.70)
DF-FLD Dragon puffer refill fluid
CND $5.95 (USD $4.15)
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