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Corentium Radon Monitor

  ***FREE SHIPPING***New advanced radon monitor from Corentium now available for the Canadian market. Radon monitoring has now taken a permanent step into the digital age for the home owner. Corentium gives you the possibility to read 1 day, 7 day and a long term average for 1 year; measuring in Bq/M³.

CND $229.95 (USD $167.54)
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Kimo MP50 Micromanometer

Kimo micromanometer is an excellent micromanometer for radon professionals or HVAC profesionals looking for a high quality micromanometer at a budget price. Range -1000 to +1000; resolution 1 Pa  

CND $359.95 (USD $262.26)
Qty (from 1 to 2)
Infiltec DM1 Micro Manometer
SKU: Infiltec-DM1
Infiltec Digital Micro-Manometer offers radon professionals the precision and pressure measurements to diagnose the toughest mitigation problems... Resolution of 0.1 Pa or .001" wc. Range -750 Pa (-3.0 " wc) to +548 Pa (+2.2 " wc).
CND $599.95 (USD $437.12)
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Hose kit Available red, green, yellow or blue
SKU: Hose-B

50" Hose for cumunication testing; available in red, green, yellow or blue

CND $39.95 (USD $29.11)
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Dwyer 6" Pitot tube
SKU: Dwyer-166-6

Dwyer 6" Pitot Tube, use with micro-manometer for flow measurement in small pipes and ducts. Comes with instructions and air density calculator.

CND $149.95 (USD $109.25)
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SKU: Pen-S220

Smoke-Pen can be used for sub-slab diagnostics to determine air movment in test holes , cracks and leaks in submembrane systems. These smoke-Pens contain no harmeful chemicals.

CND $46.95 (USD $34.21)
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Smoke-Pen refill wicks
SKU: Refill-S221

Smoke Pen refill wicks, contains 6 wicks

CND $39.95 (USD $29.11)
Qty Out of stock
Dragon Puffer Air Flow Kit

 Water based non-toxic vapor like smoke;  kit Includes  puffer, pencil, hard plastic carrying case, batteries, instruction, MSDS data sheet and more.


CND $99.95 (USD $72.82)
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Dragon puffer refill fluid

Dragon Puffer refill fluid

CND $5.95 (USD $4.34)
Qty (from 1 to 1)
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