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Fantech Rn2EC Radon Mitigation Fan

Fantech Rn2EC Radon Mitigation Fan
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Fantech Rn2EC Inline Radon Fan is Fantech's newest EC fan; equiped with a speed contollable EC motor. The Rn2EC is specifically designed for applicatios where medium suction and medium flow are needed. Suitable for a medium size  foot print. The two piece housing is melted together to form a single piece air tight housing.Does not include couplings.

Rn2EC features an electronically commutated (EC) motor. Inherently efficient and operationally stable at full and reduced speeds, the EC motor arms the radon professional with installation methods not previously practical. Integrated control system allows for "dialling in" the fan speed necessary to achieve either the required sub-slab depressurization or required system air flow rate.

  • Use for Medium suction, Medium air flow
  • UV resistant, UL listed durable plastic
  • UL listed for comercial use
  • UL listed for outdoor use
  • Water tight electrical box
  • Zero leakage
  • Power consumption 53W
  • Maximum airflow 175 cfm
  • Max pressure 1.99" w.c
  • Recomended operating range 0-1.8" w. c.

For complete set of specs. including interactive fan curves please visit Fantech


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