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Wave by AirThings 2nd Gen
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**** On Sale**** plus Free Shipping The Wave is a smart radon detector designed to work with your smart phone

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SKU: Ecoblu-B

Free shipping; EcoBlu is a simple plug-and-play digital radon monitor that provides real-time short and long-term radon results. Easy to read large LED display with an integrated configurable alarm. Comes in white or blue. Plugin unit, no batteries required.

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Corentium Pro

Free Shipping Corentium Radon Monitor C-NRPP certified for Home Inspection and Radon Professionals

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Corentium Home by Airthings

  ***FREE SHIPPING***  Radon monitoring has now taken a permanent step into the digital age for the home owner. Airthings gives you the possibility to read 1 day, 7 day and a long term average for 1 year; measuring in Bq/M³.

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AccuStar AT-100 Alpha Track long term test kit
SKU: AT-100-RD

The AT-100 was rated # one by a leading national consumers advocacy group. The AT100 Alpha Track detector can be used for long term measurnment from 91 days to one year.

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