Fantech HP2133

Fantech HP2133
For over 10 years Fantech has manufactured quality mitigation fans for radon applications. With over one million radon installations worldwide and the reputation for establishing new standards of performance and value your contractor has selected the finest fan for your familys protection.
Fantech has developed the HP series fans specifically to suit the higher pressure capability requirements needed in Radon Mitigation applications. Most Radon Mitigators who previously used the Fantech FR Series fans have switched to the new HP Series. 

The HP2133 is for applications where lower pressure and flow are needed. Record low power consumption of 14-20 watts! Often used where there is good sub slab communication and lower Radon levels.

Fans are attached to PVC pipe using 2 flexible couplings.

For 4 PVC pipe use (qty 2) 4 X 4 couplings or (qty 1) 4 X4 installation kit.

For 3 PVC use (qty 2) 4 X 3 couplings or (qty 1)  4 X 3 installation kit.
Fantech HP Series Fans Meet the Challenges of Radon Applications:


  • UV resistant, UL listed durable plastic
  • UL Listed for use in commercial applications
  • Factory sealed to prevent leakage
  • Watertight electrical terminal box
  • Approved for mounting in wet locations - i.e. Outdoors


  • Totally enclosed for protection
  • High efficiency EBM motorized impeller
  • Automatic reset thermal overload protection
  • Average life expectancy of 7-10 years under continuous load conditions


  • Five Year Full Factory Warranty
  • Over 1,000,000 successful radon installations worldwide.
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