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Floor Drains Seals

Dranjer drains are the ideal product for keeping out soil and radon gases.

The "F series" can be used in homes where sub-slab suction has been included or may be considered in the future as a radon mitigation technique.  


SKU Name
Sureseal-35 SureSeal by Rectorseal
CND $45.95 (USD $36.21)
D-R2-RD Dranjer D-R2 floor drain
CND $26.95 (USD $21.24)
F-R2-RD Dranjer F-R2 floor drain
CND $32.95 (USD $25.97)
F-N2-RD Dranjer F-N2 floor drain
CND $39.95 (USD $31.48)
F-S2-RD Dranjer F-S2 Retrofit sump seal
CND $39.95 (USD $31.48)
J-S15-RD Dranjer J-S15 sump drain
CND $29.95 (USD $23.60)