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Radon Sealant
SKU: RS-3251-1

Titebond Radon Sealant is specially designed to reduce the entry of radon. Radon Sealant is mold, mildew resistant and also VOC compliant

Our price: CND $11.99 (USD $8.95)
Each or 12 Pack
StegoCrawl Wrap Vapor Retarder
SKU: StegoCrawl

StegoCrawl Wrap Vapor Retarder is puncture resistant 10 mil fire retardent vapor retarder specifically designed to be used to encapsulate crawlspace floors and walls to protect the building envelope from moisture vapor and soil gas transmission. Role size 10' X 100' (3.05 X 30.5 meters)Role size 10' X100' (3.05 X30.5 meters) Role size 10' X100' (3.05 X30.5 meters)Role size 10' X100' (3.05 X30.5 meters) Role size 10' X100' (3.05 X30.5 meters)   Role size  

Our price: CND $375.95 (USD $280.64)
StegoWrap White retarder tape
SKU: Stego-Tape

StegoCrawl white retarder tape with a strong adhesive on one side. Used for joining StegoCrawl Wrap vapor retarder (vapour barrier) seams. Role 3.75" X 180' (9.5 6cm X 54.9 meters).

Our price: CND $46.95 (USD $35.05)
StegoTack Double sided adhesive
SKU: StegoTack

StegoTack Tape is a doublesided adhesive used to bond and seal Stego Wrap to concrete, masonry, wood, metal, and other surfaces. StegoTack is a flexible and moldable material to allow for a variety of applications and installations. 


Our price: CND $46.95 (USD $35.05)
TermBar for securing
SKU: StegoTermBar

Stego Term Bar is a semiflexible plastic termination bar used for mechanically securing Stego Wrap or other materials to concrete, masonry, or wood. Comes  63 in a box each pice is 4' long.


Our price: CND $169.95 (USD $126.87)
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