Fantech FR225

Fantech FR225

The Original Mitigator

Fantech’s versatile FR Series fans feature a plastic housing constructed of UL-recognized, UV-protected thermoplastic resin. This tough protective shell allows the fan to be mounted in outdoor and wet locations.

Fantech’s FR Series fans are caulked at the motor screws, the wiring cables and along the seams of the fan to prevent moisture from entering the housing. Fantech’s FR Series fans have long been the choice of residential builders and remodelers but now can be used for commercial projects with our recent UL commercial applications rating.

Requres 2 flexible couplings: to conect to 4" pipe use Pipconx 8" to 4" coupling; to connect to 6" pipe use Pipconx 8" to 6" coupling. 

See detailed images for fan specs.


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