AMG Legend

AMG Legend

AMG Legend radon fan is made with an exceptionally reliable and quiet EBM motor and backed by a no hassle 5-year full replacement warranty.

The casing of the Legend is made from a dove-gray dough molded glass fiber, non-yellowing and UV resistant.


The Legend is a suitable replacement for the Fantech FR160, HP220 or RadonAway RP265, see performance figures

The Legend is a Medium wattage fan suitable for a very large foot-print with a porous or semi-porous sub-slab. Maximum pressure 2.6" WC and maximum flow 353CFM @ 0" WC

Fans are attached to PVC pipe using 2 flexible couplings.

For 4" PVC pipe use (Qty 2) 6 X 4 couplings or (Qty 1) 6 X 4 installation kit

See detailed images for fan specs.

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